What Nomadland Made Me Realize About Myself

Last March, I watched this movie titled “Nomadland”, and as suggested from the title, it is indeed about being and living as a nomad, and also meeting other nomads in a land where they usually seek refuge from the claustrophobic nature of mundane routines in their daily lives.

For some of us, in the back of our minds, there’s fear of being stuck in all these mundane routines we do everyday, but there’s also security in doing those same mundane routines. At least life is predictable, and nothing bad and surprising will happen if we stay in our comforting little bubble. But when the fear trumps the feeling of security, that’s when one decides to be a nomad, I guess.

Nomads are always hungry for novelty. There are always new things to see, to listen, and to experience. There are always new people to meet and new connections to be made.

And there’s just something about this movie that I could deeply relate to. The feeling of wanting to keep moving, not wanting to be shackled down to one particular place because it reminds me of pain and suffering, but even when some of them are good, I still can’t stay in one place for too long.

There’s loneliness in moving forward by myself, but there’s also excitement in meeting new people, and seeing familiar faces in new places.

There’s serenity in being alone, discovering new things and feeling the breeze on my face as I walk down the road all by myself, but there’s also longing to be with others, even when I don’t want to stay.

There’s freedom in being able to escape whenever I want, but there’s also the risk of hurting people closest to me that I have to leave behind.

There’s struggle in making ends meet as I keep moving, but thankfully there are always people that will come to my rescue whenever I need help, even when I think they don’t care about me as much, turns out they do.

This is a movie about living, and I have always thought that I hated living, but maybe, not so much.

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